Thursday, August 7, 2014

TALEO - why I hate u so much?!?!

Uaaaa, still looking for job. So today about TALEO system.

For few months I'm looking for job in Wroclaw. Sometimes I'm invited for interview...

But before interview will happen I have to submit my CV (eventually with cover letter). And here problem starts.

Most international companies operate on TALEO system in order to collect CVs.
After those few month I have to admit - I hate this system. 
Don't get me wrong - it's  good idea that system selects them most suitable CVs, but still...
It seems that each company can personalize TALEO, or eventually company which produce this system do this for each client. So if I create account in TALEO in comapny A, it doesn't mean that in company B TALEO I'll see the same information. 
I mean submitting CV and filling additional data looks similary for every company, but problem starts after submitting aplication.
For example in comapny A after submitting my CV, whenever status of my application change, I receive an email with infromation, that new message occured on my account.
In company B, I have to log in to check if something change. And that's annoying as often it means log in every day. Especially if you applied for more than one position.
In company C it looks ven more strange, as sometimes I get email that new message was posted and sometimes not...

What else I don't like? Well that if I'm rejected after interview I don't know why. Hello!! Give me feedback why my application was rejected - in future it will help me eliminate mistakes. But this problem occurs also for my other application. 

So if I don't get ay information too long, I try to contact with HR dept. on my own

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